Unfolded Dimensions

With Unfolded Dimensions, Sophia Lahlil and Ruven Pillay will explore the hidden dimensions of one of the artist’s paintings using the latest in state of the art imaging technology. The artist-scientific duo aims to challenge our perception of the color and materiality at both the macro and microscopic scale using computational imaging techniques usually used only in satellite imagery and planetary space exploration. This new approach will show that, hidden within a simple “Oil painting on canvas”, there is data providing unlimited possibilities for re-interpretation. Through the prism of new technology, the original painting will give birth to an almost infinite number of new works of art where the colors, the composition and materiality have been revisited through image processing.

Shown for the first time, Unfolded Dimensions will consist of a series of very high definition close-up processed images of the painting Variation 4 by Sophia Lahlil (2012). This painting was analyzed with a hyperspectral imaging system capable of capturing 160 individual wavelengths from the ultra-violet through to the infrared in ultra high definition. These are combined with 3D stereo anaglyphs that will reveal the dramatic microscopic topology and rugged surface-scape of the painting when seen with stereoscopic 3D glasses. By immersing the public in the physicality of the painting, this experience, at the crossroads of art and science and of traditional painting and new media art, will provide a very different and unique perspective on our perception of contemporary painting.